"I  hired Karen at Helping Hand Advocacy because the school district wanted to put my child into a special day class right from the start.  I believed that was premature and that my child would be successful in a general education classroom if he had the right supports.  I didn't want to hire an attorney right away because I knew I had a long road ahead and I thought that would get me off on the wrong foot with his school  Karen not only helped me get my son into a gen ed class but got him the one-on-one aide he needed to be successful in that setting.  I am so pleased with the support I received and I highly recommend Karen at Helping Hand Advocacy."


"I knew the school distict's assessments weren't an accurate picture of my daughters performance.  I needed a second opinion from an outside expert but couldn't afford it.  Karen was able to analyze the school district's assessment, find the holes, and get them to pay for the Independent Educational Evaluations without having to go to a due process hearing.  The IEE's gave us critical information about my daughter's present levels.  This information helped immensely and allowed us to create a meaningful IEP with services and supports that enable her to be successful in the classroom"

                                                                    Anonymous Parent


"When my child was diagnosed with autism at 4, I was devastated.  I had so many dreams for my child and hoped that he would be successful in life.  I knew that if he didn't get a good education, my dreams would never become a reality.  I hired Karen at Helping Hand Advocacy because I needed to make sure my son received the best education possible and I had no idea how to get that from his school.  It was the best decision I ever made!  Karen helped me get my son included in a regular kindergarten classroom with an aide and all the accommodations he needed.  He is now getting good grades and has plenty of friends.  I couldn't be happier! 

                                                                    Anonymous Parent

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