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Helping Hand Advocacy can...


ATTEND IEP MEETINGS: It can be overwhelming walking into an IEP meeting to find six or ten people from the school district there.  Helping Hand Advocacy can attend the meeting with you so you're not alone and ensure your voice is heard.

EXPLAIN TERMINOLOGY: Acronyms such as LRE, PLOP, ERMHS, FAPE, FBA, BIP and OT can be very confusing. Helping Hand Advocacy can help slow the pace of the IEP meeting and help you make sense of it all.

REVIEW ASSESSMENTS: It isn't uncommon for a parent to feel an assessment isn't an accurate reflection of their child.  Helping Hand Advocacy can review the assessment in order to determine its validity and reliability. 

HELP SHAPE GOALS: It is of vital importance that goals are ambitious enough in light of a child's ability. Before the goal can be developed a child's present levels of performance must be determined. Helping Hand Advocacy can

DOCUMENT YOUR INPUT: No one knows a child better than a parent; therefore it is essential that parent input be a part of the actual IEP document. However, it is all too common for a parent to feel the meeting notes don't capture what was conveyed.  In that case, Helping Hand Advocacy can help you draft a parental input letter in order add or clarify what is written in the notes.

RECOMMEND EXPERTS: A second opinion may be necessary in cases which a parent and school district do not agree. Helping Hand Advocacy can connect you with an outside assessor who will conduct their own assessment. 


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