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Helping Hand Advocacy can...


ATTEND IEP MEETINGS: Walking into an IEP Meeting to find six or ten district staff can be overwhelming. Helping Hand Advocacy can attend the meeting to ensure your voice is heard and you're not alone.

EXPLAIN TERMINOLOGY: Acronyms such as LRE, PLOP, ERMHS, FAPE, FBA, BIP and OT can be confusing. Helping Hand Advocacy can help you make sense of it all.

REVIEW ASSESSMENTS: It isn't uncommon for a parent to feel a school district assessment isn't an accurate reflection of their child's abilities. Helping Hand Advocacy can help parents analyze the assessment to determine what needs correction. 

HELP SHAPE GOALS: IEP goals need to be ambitious enough for a child to make progress in light of their unique circumstances. For that to happen, present levels of performance must be determined to ensure goals are meaningful and measurable.

DOCUMENT PARENT INPUT: No one knows a child better than a parent, and a parent is a part of the IEP Team. However, IEP meeting notes don't always capture parent input. In that event, Helping Hand Advocacy can help draft a parental input letter to add, clarify or correct what is written the IEP notes.

RECOMMEND EXPERTS: There will be times when a parent and school district don't see eye to eye. When that happens, a parent may need to seek an evaluation elsewhere. Helping Hand Advocacy can offer you a list of independent assessors that you may find helpful should you need a second opinion.  


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